Speculative questioning about the memorial, nostalgia and commemoration brings together a conjecture of imagery taken from public archival materials. Through painting, collage, assemblage and printmaking I explore ideas of nurture, dereliction and the mother archetype in relation to trauma. 

I use appropriation, detournement and the re-ordering of paper ephemera and found objects to explore the fluid nature of recall, allowing intuition to lead the work through various states of exploration until reaching a final resting place. Images are continuously intersecting, abrasive, harmonious, removed. The saccharin and the abject sit in a purposefully contradictory language. 

These reference materials are often defaced and re-made before being tenderly transformed into paintings, prints and drawings. The works are a direct manifestation of a shattering and destructive personal trauma, creating a lexicon of possibilities that attempt to speak of the universal experience of loss, the mother and nostalgic longing.